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My name is Michael Cox and I’m from a little town in Cumbria called Workington in the north west of England. I’m now 31 years young and have worked online since I was 21ish, so around 10 years give or take.

I love anything to do with the internet and technology and how it can be manipulated for profit; I have a real passion for SEO and currently work with expired domains mainly. I find, sell and utilise them for PBN’s for ranking other web properties. Many of my posts on this blog will be related to Expired domains but also all other aspects of online advertising.

My Back-story

I wasn’t always interested in computers in fact it wasn’t even one of my subjects I chose to study at school and also left school at 14 with no exams and no plans. The main reason I got into computers was being unemployed, poor, board and fascinated by the whole concept of the internet.


The first time I ever made a penny online was from Adult Friend Finder and I was advertising them (Spamming them) on Myspace, this check was only for a small amount so I decided to keep it you can see it in the photograph below.

(The first penny or should I say cent I ever made online)

my first affiliate check

Myspace was a good earner for around 12 months with some checks coming in for $15,000 per month; this was good money for someone who hadn’t made that much in a year before from dead end factory jobs and working in construction.


After that I got into Torrents, at the time torrents where a very popular way of making money usually with Pay Per Install (PPI) But I had a better idea, combine the huge amounts of traffic that torrents generated with the easy money of incentivizable email submits that I had used a lot on Myspace and so I started researching anything to do with torrents and low and behold I found a E-book on BlackhatWorld.com for $97 if I remember rightly.

The title of the book was something like “How to make $100 a day with torrents”, I was sold. Within 2 weeks of buying that E-Book I was making $2000 per day with fake torrents (No copyright was infringed, I promise) and had 3 dedicated servers running 24 hours a day and a team in India creating torrents in shifts. I remember receiving a check for $27,000 and a few other smaller transfers making around $30,000 one particular month.

Like all good things torrents came to an end but I made money with them from 2008 – 2010 and I still know people that make 6 figure incomes with torrents today.

Noticing a trend yet? I like things that are, hmm let’s be generous and call them Black Hat. I’m Just getting started believe me.

Research Chemicals

At the end of 2009 a sensation hit the UK, research chemicals everyone was talking about them, taking them and most importantly buying them. I thought I could make a lot of cash from this, I had a friend who was involved with selling them locally and I contacted him asking “if I build a website and try and sell some of these online can you fulfill the orders?” The answer was yes and this was the start of my biggest money maker yet.

This all ended in 2010 with the police raiding my house, arresting me and confiscating all of my products that I believed where legal (they weren’t) To cut a long story short I spent 5 months on remand in HMP Durham charged with 5 counts of conspiring to supply class b and c drugs, 1 count of money laundering and looking at up to 10 years in prison, a trial ensued and was soon dropped for lack of evidence.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about the money involved in this case for obvious reasons but 1 particular day I remember profiting £8,000.

On The Out

“On the out” an expression used by people in jail about not being in jail, though this very fitting as a sub heading.

Spending any amount of time in prison gives you a lot of time to think and I spent some of my time (in between thinking about spending the next 10 years in prison) thinking of more ethical ways I could make money on the internet once I got out.

I could build websites and I could rank websites in Google at this point I learned this with my research chemical websites, so I got out and got into multiple niches, Vaporizers, Gold IRA, Male Enhancement to name a few and concentrated mainly on Launch Jacking new products.

At the same time I started local websites offering web design and computer repair that made and still do make a little pocket money.


Over the past year or 2 I have been involved with local rank and rent websites, ranking websites and renting them out to local customers on a per call basis ranking them with my own PBN networks. I’m also heavily involved with all aspects of expired domains and I believe I have the biggest collection of expired domains in the world.

In between all the above I have had hundreds of money making ideas that have either made very little lost me money or just plain failed. They are not really worth mentioning in detail but I think it’s fair to say I have a substantial online toolbox of skills and I intent to share them with the world via this blog.

I have always planned creating this blog at some point and actually bought the domain years ago and never got round to starting it, but here I am.

I hope you enjoy my posts and make lots of money.

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